Retail security


Guardsman is an extremely reliable, customer service and client-led provider of retail security solutions. We have experience in looking after clients on the high street, in shopping centres and at retail parks.

Guardsman security guards are professional, reliable, and skilled which is ensured through staff selection, experience and ongoing training in identifying potential threats to stock loss and shrinkage in our clients' stores. Guards are trained to identify key traits and techniques used by shoplifters and organised crime groups. In addition to the frontline staff, we also provide specialised loss prevention or store detective officers who ensure that your bespoke solution is delivered safely and reliably.

Investment in staff ensures we can deliver and supply continuity of fully trained personnel who have a clear understanding of the retail security industry, the client and brand whilst providing a professional service experience for our clients and their customers.

Techniques used by criminal groups are ever-changing, but working closely with key stakeholders, such as the police, allows Guardsman Retail Security to continually review the methods used and adapt our strategies when required.