Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning may not be a security service, but at Guardsman Security, we treat it like one. This means that our commercial cleaning staff liaise with the same 24/7 control room as our security staff and are delivered to you with the same award-winning customer service.

Much more goes into delivering a thorough commercial cleaning service than just a mop and a bucket. Our specialist teams of commercial cleaners will assess your premises to ensure that the correct equipment and chemicals are used to avoid damaging any delicate materials or interfering with any on-site equipment, with all instructions agreed with you before we start. The threats may be very different from what our security guards face, but we take them just as seriously.

Our commercial cleaning service is available 24/7 at whatever hours and schedule is most convenient for you, whether you need a one-off deep clean to make a good impression or a weekly clean to keep your building looking its best. If you are signed up to any of our security solutions, a commercial cleaning service is simple to slot into the same package, giving you all-in-one security and cleaning solution at a single price with a single point of contact.