Front of house security


Your front of a house security officer is there to keep your reception area manned, safe and secure. They are on hand to direct customers to the correct parts of the building, accept and organise deliveries and carry out any other tasks you require them to.

Our front of house officers is trained to provide a professional presence and great customer service with clear communication skills. They know they are there to represent your company and do so in the manner expected.

With Guardsman Front of House Security meeting and greeting your guests, there will be no concerns regarding problems surrounding unauthorised access. Our front desk security team maintains strict guidelines in accordance with your instruction, whilst attending to guests in a polite and professional manner; which reassures and comforts us as we welcome them on your behalf. What's more, surrounded by a team of smart, polite and attentive corporate security officers, your guests can relax and enjoy themselves, safe in the knowledge that their personal care and safety is our only priority.